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Lasercut USA is the kit cutting service for radio control and scale airplanes, with state- of-the-art   precision kit cutting technology. 

The myth about lasercutting and fusion of the parts no longer exists.  The laser cuts each piece with the accuracy and tolerance of .001 of an inch, compared to hand-cut kits that can vary with each operator of other kit manufacturers.

What makes Lasercut USA unique is the graphics that it takes to program each plan to change from a raster to a vector.   Each plan is scanned into the computer using Corel Draw PLT.Format and Auto Cad DWG.and DXF.Format file, which the laser-cutting machine identifies.   Each kit is cut off of your individual drawing.  The most difficult part of the laser cutting process is the graphics.  We at Lasercut USA take pride in ensuring that the quality of the graphics is of the utmost precision of the laser cut part.   Finally, your plans are returned to you intact.